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Frankie and Sean Gavin
Friday, May 1st at 8:00pm
House concert in Boulder Creek.


Beverages and snacks provided


A master workshop for fiddle and for button box will be held for advanced players, time TBD Friday before the show or Saturday morning, May 2.

Space is limited. Please RSVP

Note: Frankie and Sean are also playing at a house concert in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, May 2. Please send RSVPs to leap2three@gmail.com for this show as well. The final Bay Area appearance is Friday, May 8 at the Plough & Stars 116 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA. 94118.

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Legendary Irish musicians from Galway, Frankie Gavin and his brother Sean (button accordion) are performing live in concert in an intimate house setting in Boulder Creek, CA.

Fiddle player Frankie Gavin was born in County Galway, Ireland in 1956 and is the youngest of four siblings from a musical family, with older brother Sean playing the accordion.

Frankie began playing Irish traditional music at a very young age and is largely self-taught. In 1973, at the age of seventeen, he placed first in the All Ireland Under-18 Fiddle Competition and in the All Ireland Under-18 Flute Competition, both on the same day. He, along with Alec Finn, joined the iconic Irish band, De Danann, eventually recording 16 albums.

From his immersion in the traditional repertoire of the regional styles of Galway, Clare, and Sligo/Leitrim, and his study of archival 78 recordings, he maintains a vast store of tunes and a familiarity with arrangements and settings. He also has a gift for absorbing and switching between styles. "Frankie Gavin's fiddle playing is technically complex, unabashedly brilliant, and has a pronounced, driving swing which harks back to the sound of the 1920s."

His solo albums include "Croch suas e" (Gael Linn) in 1983, "Frankie Goes to Town" (Green Linnet) 1991 and his latest cd "Fierce Traditional" (Tara) which features his brother Sean on accordion. Other duet/trio albums include "Irlande" in 1994 with Arty McGlynn and Dermot Byrne recorded live in France, "Jigs and jazz" 1993, a cd and video with Stephane Grapelli, "Omos do Joe Cooley" (Gael Linn) 1996 with Paul Brock and Charlie Lennon and "Traditional Music of Ireland" 1977 with Alec Finn.

He has also been in demand as a guest in the wider music community performing with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones on "Wicked Angel" in 1988, The Rolling Stones "Voodoo Lounge" in 1994, and also with Elvis Costello, Earl Scruggs and Yehudi Menuhin. But as with his last solo album Frankie inevitably returns to his traditional roots.
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
Presented by the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay
Saturday, May 9th at 7:30pm
Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz

ADMISSION: $20 advance/$22 at door or $18 to Celtic Society members

TICKETS: On sale from 3/25 at More Music, 512 Front St. in downtown Santa Cruz, and on-line here:

Reservations can also be made by contacting Pete Haworth at (831) 464-9778, or Bob Breheny at (408) 847-6982 or celtsoc@aol.com.

The power, passion & panache of the spellbinding partnership of County Clare's charismatic six-time All-Ireland Fiddle Champion Martin Hayes, hailed in Dublin's Hot Press as 'the most important musician in Ireland right now,' & the greatly gifted Irish-American guitarist Dennis Cahill has led to their performances being proclaimed as the stuff of legend on the traditional Irish music scene.

Concerts by this terrifically talented tandem are epic events that lyrically take listeners on a joyous journey into the music's emotional essence through their fiery creativity & kinetic chemistry which will serve to have you redefine your concept of excellence.

For more, info, sights & sounds visit www.martinhayes.com.
Old Blind Dogs
Presented by the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay
Tuesday, May 12th at 7:30pm
Don Quixotes International Music Hall, 6275 Highway 9 in Felton

This event was cancelled
De Temps Antan
Presented by the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay
Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 at 7:30pm
Don Quixotes International Music Hall, 6275 Highway 9 in Felton

ADMISSION: $18 advance/$20 at door or $16 to Celtic Society members

TICKETS: On sale online at Brown Paper Tickets & in person at Don Quixote's.

RESERVATIONS: www.donquixotesmusic.info, (408) 847-6982 or by email to celtsoc@aol.com.

Celebrate Bastille Day with De Temps Antan who will steal your heart away with their full-attacking, take-no-prisoners style of unfettered freedom. Using Quebec's vibrant, living music tradition as a springboard for musical innovation, this power trio with brio catapults audiences into the future of French-Canadian music & culture.

It takes a special combination to revisit & revitalize traditional music with equal measures of reverence, joy, humor & turn-on-a-dime instrumental virtuosity but this is what the triumphant triumvirate accomplish with astonishing ease.

Formed in 2003 by members, at the time, of the esteemed ensemble La Bottine Souriante, the charismatic dynamo Andre Brunet (who also tours & records with the Celtic Fiddle Festival), Eric Beaudry & Pierre-Luc Dupuis, have since released three critically acclaimed CDs while performing around the world time-honored songs & melodies on fiddle, accordion, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki & foot percussion.

Blending boundless energy with infectious joie de vivre, with De Temps Antan you will enjoy a musical event unlike any other.

For more info, sights and sounds, visit www.detempsantan.qc.ca/en/.
Presented by the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay
Tuesday, July 21st at 7:30pm
Kuumbwa, 320 Cedar St. in Santa Cruz

ADMISSION: $20 advance/$22 at door or $18 to Celtic Society members

TICKETS: Available from 5/9 at More Music, 512 Front St. in downtown Santa Cruz. You may also reserve tickets by calling (831) 464-9778, (408) 847-6982 or e-mail Bob Breheny at celtsoc@aol.com, or purchase on-line here:

Proclaimed 'the most significant Swedish export since the Vikings,' Väsen returns for a midsummer night's dream of a concert celebrating their latest release, a combination DVD/CD, 'Live pa Gamla Bion,' recorded last July in their homeland.

Hunched like giant trolls over their instruments, nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), viola & guitar, Väsen magically & mesmerizingly perform traditional & originals written in traditional folk styles.

As Wired phrased it, 'The sound may be traditional but the attitude is completely modern, mixing up the ideas of folk, the virtuosity of prog & the humor of the insane asylum into a Cuisinart of acoustic bliss. Visualize whirled music.'

National Public Radio's 'All Things Considered' raved, 'The absurdly broad term 'world music' is rendered completely useless in the face of these musicians who play with such genuine passion & glee that everything on the globe seems to disappear except their home fires. This is 'local music' in the best sense of word—believable, human-scaled & fluent in the international language of musical interplay.'

Don't delay. Get your tickets & reservations tout de swede.

For more, visit www.vasen.se.

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