Cheers everyone,

There is so much fun entailed with being involved with Celtic music that it easy to forget that 'real' life has a way of intruding in on 'reel' life.

Beloved KUSP Celtic music programmer Cindy Odom is facing a dire situation and has, in desperation, reached out to see if we can offer some financial aid to take her through this difficult time.

For over 30 years Cindy has been presenting Celtic music, laying, albeit unknowingly, the groundwork for the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay and then, knowingly, assisting and encouraging the Celtic Society's every venture. I simply cannot imagine the Celtic Society being in existence without Cindy's championship.

Personally, I know I look forward esuriently having Cindy's knowledge and passion about the music enter my home on weekly basis. Having her voice stilled is something to dire to contemplate.

Therefore, please, please, please consider following the Celtic Society's donation in giving Cindy a hand in her hour of need.

Go to and kindly give what you can.

Thank you.



The Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay was formed to encourage an awareness of all aspects of the Celtic culture with a special emphasis on the rich musical tradition. The Society sponsors sessions and gatherings at least two times a month where many of the fine local musicians perform in an informal setting and all are welcome to come along to enjoy the music and meet others with an interest in all things Celtic. The Society also arranges concerts by internationally renowned performers of traditional music.


Membership fees provide for the necessary funds to make all this possible. Members, therefore, decide upon the course and direction The Celtic Society takes. Membership is open to all and members receive a membership card, the quarterly newsletter (December, March, June and September), discounts at all of our concerts and other selected events. Members become eligible for free CD offers.

If you would like to join us, please print out and complete the membership form (doc | pdf) and mail, with a check made out to The Celtic Society to:

Bob Breheny
3415 Dryden Ave.
Gilroy, CA 95020

Individual *Family
One Year $13 $24
Two Years $22 $40
*All family members recieve discount at events

Celtic Music on the Radio

The following independent, local radio stations have been very supportive of Celtic music and events. Each has as least one program featuring Celtic music.

In Santa Cruz:  KZSC, 88.1 FM and KUSP, 88.9 FM
In Cupertino:  KKUP, 91.5 FM

Click for more information about local radio shows.

Ever Thought of Hosting a House Concert?

If you would like to host house concerts in the Santa Cruz area or know of anyone who might be so inclined. If so. please contact me, Bob Breheny, immediately, at (408) 847-6982 or by e-mail reply to